Men's Fellowship

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Men's Titus Study: September/October 2019

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The book of Titus is written to a church in the middle of a chaotic society which was threatening the ideal soundness of the believer's character, the Christian family, and the church body itself. This brave young man, Titus, was sent by Paul to put these things into order, set authority in churches, challenge false and harmful self-promoting teachers, and encourage the believers in the grace of God to be a new kind of society. God's intention with the men at CC Living Hope is to make us into those who are truly shepherds of others in the midst of an evil age, as Titus was encouraged to be, and as Jesus is to all of us.

When: Every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm

Location: Fellowship Hall

Please contact Matt Carver at 760-717-0009 for more information.