The apostle John says of Jesus that he is full of both grace and truth.  If we were to express one desire from our heart to you concerning what we hope you find here at Living Hope, it would be that both of the above characteristics would be evident to you in every conversation, every aspect of the service, and every ministry.  That you would find his grace welcoming you and speaking to you of the precious promises that God offers us through the death of his great Son: the acceptance, the establishing of our wavering hearts, the freedom from relentless guilt, the love of the family of God, and the empowering of the Spirit of God.  We would also hope that his truth would save you from the lies you have been fed by the world, would wake you up to the reality of his presence and soon coming, would convict of you of the sin, and would save you from the lukewarmness that threatens the modern church.  May we all together be made to be uncomfortable in our selves, and yet comforted in the Lord himself, so that in everything His great New Covenant love might be believed upon and known.  We hope you find a home here at Living Hope, and we are confident that you will be at as you grow in the Lord Jesus Christ.