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Reaching Every Tribe, Tongue, and Nation

Living Hope prayerfully and financially supports missionaries around the world. People who serve in this field uproot their families and move abroad and they engage with the local communities as they live, work, and fellowship with the local population in an authentic way. Living Hope has worked with and supported missionary families in Africa, South East Asia, Peru, Nicaragua, and more . We welcome you to learn about these families, reach out to them with an encouraging email, pray for them, and give to their ministries as you are led by the Lord! If you want to see first hand what its like on the mission field, sign up for a short term mission trip!

Isaiah 52:7 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news…”

The Booth Family

Mike, Rocio, Nate, and Eliana have been in Nicaragua for three years now, and have had a wild ride through some of the most challenging countrywide situations that missionaries can go through. Pray for Nicaragua as the situation there can often become unstable as it has recently within the past year. Pray also for Mike and Rocio as they have just recently received the privilege of pastoring Calvary Chapel Managua and are sure to face both trials and victories on the road ahead.

For more information, questions, or have a desire to give; please click the link below.

The Kilgus Family

Cory, Danielle, Abigail, and Noah were ministering together with the Carver family (see leadership contact page) for several years at Calvary Chapel Bible College, Peru, before taking the step of faith to head down the mountain and plant a church in Trujillo, Peru in 2018. The Lord has blessed this young church in many ways with many open doors, including outreach to Venezuelan refugees and a new Calvery Bible Institute Extension campus.

For more information, questions, or have a desire to give; please click the link below. 

For further information about our missions ministry inquire at the information booth in the Fellowship Hall, call the church office @ 760-967-6869, or email your questions here.

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